Pine regeneration after manual thinning

7.5 metre Tipi poles
Micro ArbTruck coping with rough ground

Hand carved stepping stones in Chestnut

A load of mixed size rustic poles ready for delivery
8.2m & 3.5m Tipi poles
7.5m Tipi poles sets on the road
Peeled & sanded pioneering poles heading for the Scouts

british grown and made.....tipi Poles, pioneering poles, Film set poles, rustic poles, spindles, ....from the beautiful woods of surrey sussex and hampshire

Thinning natural regeneration Scots Pine for rustic poles and stakes

....Cut by hand from British Woodland...Top Quality...Flexible on sizes...Helping wildlife...Creating jobs in the countryside...Why import wood if it grows next to us?

WoodPoint is a specialist forestry based manufacturer & supplier working from British woodlands and forests in Southern England.


WoodPoint produces unique high quality farm and garden tree stakes, rustic poles, pergola poles, tipi poles, firewood and kindling.

Its peeled Pine products take advantage of the strength, durability and beauty of natural poles.


WoodPoint also has a reputation for supplying special orders for non standard forest products that are hard to source.


WoodPoint production techniques are gentle on the environment, low on waste and big on job creation. Where we can use small machines, manual labour and simple technology we will choose these.


Tipi pole production

Poles for everything!

  • Scout Pioneering poles
  • Rustic pole
  • Tipi poles
  • Pergola poles
  • Shop decoration poles
  • Jump poles


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