Tipi Poles - Rustic Poles 

Bought a Tipi Canvas but cant find the poles? WoodPoint are here to help! 


From Giant Tipi poles at 8m long x 150mm diameter poles weighing 40kg, to Garden Tipi poles at 3m long x 50mm diameter weighing 3kg, we can cut any size for your Tipi. 


Or would you like a feature for your garden party or wedding? There is nothing like a cluster of natural peeled tipi poles to act like a unique garden feature or "Naked Tipi" as they are sometimes known. The beautiful colour and grain of the smooth wood provides height and texture. 

We have partnerships with Woodland Management organisations throughout the South East of England, and carefully select each tree for your Garden Tipi by traditional hand felling techniques, these are then processed in our workshop for a smooth effect or a more rustic finish. 


We have selected 2 of our most popular Garden Tipi sizes for you to see what different sizes look like when up. 


We supply the Tipi Poles only at the moment, but see our FAQ's below for lots more information. 

6m Diameter 

14 rustic poles (peeled and sanded) - 7.5m length - peeled & sanded

(Call or email for a delivery/collection price)

3.5m Diameter 

12 rustic poles (peeled and sanded) - 4.5m length - peeled & sanded

(Call or email for delivery/collection price)

Tipi Poles - FAQ's

1.) What do you supply?

At the moment just the wooden poles. There are many Tipi canvas suppliers on the internet to choose from. Just decide the diameter you want and we will be happy to quote for a set of poles to suit.


2.) Do you put the Garden Tipi up?

It is easy to put the poles up yourself and we can give you guidance how to do this. 


3.) Can I have a smooth finish or one with the bark on? Does this change the price?

Yes you choose which finish you would like. There is a discount for poles with the bark still on.


4.) Do you deliver across the UK?

We are happy to quote for delivery anywhere in the UK. 


5.) Do you deliver abroad?

We are happy to quote for delivery abroad. 


6.) What type of wood are the Tipi Poles made of?

Our poles are harvested from conifer plantations in S E England. The timber is usually Pine, Fir or Spruce and is thinned form sustainably managed woodlands. 


7.) Can I have different sized poles to the ones stated?

Yes any size up to 10m long and any pole diameter from 25mm to 150mm. We can quote for non standard size poles. 


8.) What does it mean by diameter?

The distance from one side of the pole to the other on a line through the centre point. The circumference (distance all the way round the outside) is 3.14 x the diameter


9.) How long are the poles?

The above sets are the most popular sizes, but we can quote for non standard sizes. 


10.) How do you put the Garden Tipi up? How many people do you need?

Small tipis are a one person job. For poles over 5m it is best to have 2 people


11.) What other bits of equipment does it need? Where do I get these?

Rope and string and sometimes ground anchor stakes. We can advise on these at the time of ordering. 


12.) Are these sustainably sourced?

Yes, we have partnerships with Forestry Commissions and woodland managers across the South, and use hand felling techniques to source our materials and help to regenerate woodlands. We are very passionate about this. 


13.) Are these weather proof? How long will my Tipi Poles last? How do I look after them?

The poles can last at least 10 years if looked after when not in use. There is no need to weather proof during the spring and summer season. See our Choosing Rustic Poles page for more detailed aftercare information. 


14.) Are Teepee Poles the same as Tipi Poles?

We tend to use the Tipi spelling, but you can also use the following spellings "Teepee Poles" and "Tepee Poles" - all are in the dictionary referencing the same conical tent like structure created by Native Americans. 


15.) How do I order a Tipi Set?

Call or email Oliver Barnsley, MD of Woodpoint. If you are not sure what you are looking for, do get in touch as well! We would be happy to discuss. 

Tel: 07920 056200 

E-mail: sales@woodpoint.co.uk


Disclaimer: Whilst we can help you with what you might be looking for alongside what is available to us we cannot advise you with any guarantee about weight bearing, structure building or any other particular use - the responsibility to ensure the correct materials are used is with yourself. We supply rustic poles only which are used for purposes of your choice and the independant titles on each page are for reference only - there are no adapaptions to the different named poles. It is advised to read up on the properties of untreated wood so you understand them for what they are and how they may be different from "machined", "treated" poles that you may be used to seeing in timber merchants - this responsibility also relys with yourself. We hope that you do find them to be suitable for what you are looking for, and we hope you also appreciate them for what they are - much as we do. We are not a mass produced manufacturing company - and this is not seen as a "product" - more as a natural material which needs to be treated and understood as such.  


Marquee Poles 


We are proud to have become a specialist in developing products (of the wooden pole variety) for the many different industries over the years, one of which is the Marquee / Tipi & Event Hire Industry. We have partnered with large and small businesses alike for varying remits and you will see many of our poles from Giant Midi and Mini Hat Tipis to Traditional Marquees at Weddings across the UK and Abroad!


During the last 6 years we have helped develop a British Tipi Manufacturing business and have partnered with them to produce Kiln Dried British Tipi poles, we are now happy to be able to offer this service out to more of our customers as well as our existing non kiln dried wood services which include sourcing your requirements, peeling, sanding and staining. Depending on your requirements and the look you would like we are able to hand peel, or produce these through a mechanical peeler. 


For enquiries or orders, please Contact Us on: 

Tel: 07920 056200 

E-mail: sales@woodpoint.co.uk

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