Natural Wood Products for Landscaping & Play

Here at WoodPoint we champion the use of Natural Round Wood (or Rustic Wood) in your Garden Projects & Play Areas. Natural round wood is great for use in garden structures because of its durability and natural strength. We also think it looks beautiful! There are so many possibilities for you to create something truly unique. By using natural wood from the UK, you are supporting a small business, getting products with a smaller carbon footpring and helping our woodlands thrive, go us!


Whether you would like them peeled or with the bark left on, we would love to chat to you about your thoughts and plans. See some projects below that we have supplied, including Garden Pergola, Wooden Stepping Stones & Garden Dividers / Plant Climbers. 

If you would like to chat to us about your requirements, please do call or email Oliver Barnsley:

Tel: 07920 056200 



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