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Are you trying to find wood that looks like it has come straight from the forest? Or perhaps you are trying to make a structure for a set that looks like it has been made from natural round wood? We specialise in those natural wooden poles, bark on or bark off - we have the expertise to source the look you want, as well as other naturally occurring woodland foliage that we are able to gain permission to remove from the forest partnerships we have.  


We have supplied natural wooden poles to the film industry for many years, and love to get involved in exciting projects. Using our knowledge in wood and woodland products we can help, advise and source what you require to make your film or Tv set look authentic! We are specialists in "natural wood", "irregular wood", "tree stumps", "round wooden poles" and anything that looks like it has come straight from the forest either natural or with the bark taken off and kiln dried. If you are not sure what you are looking for we would be glad to help. 


Some of the projects we have supplied our wood / forest products to:

  • Aladdin (2019 live action remake) - Walt Disney - provided the natural wooden poles for the market scenes - bark removed, kiln dried.
  • o2 Advert (2013)
  • Gladiator (2000) - supplied all of the wooden stakes in the film
  • First Knight (1995) 

Bark on, Bark Off?

What services can you offer the Film & TV industry?

We offer a speedy, accurate and well communicated forests product supply service based in UK conifer & broadleaved woodland. Potentially any trees, foliage, brash, bark, leaf litter or plants that can be legally removed, can be supplied in their natural state. If further finishing is required, for instance removing the bark off timber poles, we can do this as required in our Workshop.


How quickly can you turn around an enquiry?

Quickly! We have our own cutting and forest extraction teams so we can start on urgent orders without delay. We have even turned round some orders on the same day. And that was from growing trees to poles leaving on a lorry by the end of the day! Most orders can be completed with 72hrs notice. Of course the actual completion time depends on the size of the order and how much product finishing we are required to carry out.


Can you make things for or modify your poles for us?

We have a workshop and can cut, drill, shape & finish our roundwood poles for you.


Is this wood sustainably sourced?

Yes, we have partnerships with Forestry Commissions and woodland managers across the South of the UK, and use hand felling techniques to source our materials and help to regenerate woodlands. Woodpoint helps these commissions in managing their woodlands by getting into the difficult to harvest areas, and opening up the woodlands for wildlife, vegetation and larger trees to continue to grow. See our blog on why we must manage our woodlands in the UK


Woodpoint was born out of a desire to see value in our woodlands again, not only for wildlife and the environment, but by utilising harvested trees for products that may normally be shipped over from abroad. By using wood from British forests, we are helping to reduce the need to import certain timbers and we hope to see this expand into more and more products across the UK. The benefits of manual thinning are vast, and by supporting us you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, regenerate British woodland, support a small UK business and encouraging the practise of traditional craftmanship.   


How much do you charge for delivery?

We can deliver up to 2 Tonnes of poles on our van & trailer combo. Any poles up to 8.5m long.

For this as a rule we charge £20hr for the driver & £0.50 per mile. The exact quoted amount will also be influenced by loading & unloading time. For bulk or very heavy loads we can hire in Hiab forestry trucks given a few days notice. These usually cost around £80 per hour all in.


Can you offer something more unusual like a dead tree?

Yes, no problem. Due to our great working relationship with our forest owners we are allowed to search first for any requirements and then negotiate a removal price afterwards.


If you don’t have what we are looking for, could you source it from elsewhere?

We are happy to try and source most forest products though it is on our own that we can get the best turn-around times.


Can you advise us on choice of wood types?

We can help explain the different types of home grown timber & other forest products available according to your deadlines and the time of year. We have knowledge of the properties of different British timber.


What sort of volumes can you cope with?

Small or large are ok with us. Our own teams can turn round several tonnes of poles in 24 hrs. If the volumes are bigger we can call in subcontractors to help.


Why should we use you?

We have over 40 year’s experience in sourcing & harvesting natural forest products in the UK. We pride ourselves in understanding the deadlines of the film & events sector and have a ‘can do ‘ attitude to challenges. 


Disclaimer: Whilst we can help you with what you might be looking for alongside what is available to us we cannot advise you with any guarantee about weight bearing, structure building or any other particular use - the responsibility to ensure the correct materials are used is with yourself. We supply rustic poles only which are used for purposes of your choice and the independant titles on each page are for reference only - there are no adapaptions to the different named poles. It is advised to read up on the properties of untreated wood so you understand them for what they are and how they may be different from "machined", "treated" poles that you may be used to seeing in timber merchants - this responsibility also relys with yourself. We hope that you do find them to be suitable for what you are looking for, and we hope you also appreciate them for what they are - much as we do. We are not a mass produced manufacturing company - and this is not seen as a "product" - more as a natural material which needs to be treated and understood as such.  



Not really sure what you want or need? 

Please contact Oliver Barnsley to discuss your needs. 

Tel: 07920 056200 


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