Rustic & Natural Wood Suppliers Film Set & TV Industry

We are a forestry and manufacturing business, so can find and cut your order requirements - this gives us and you the flexibility to find what you are really looking for for your scenery construction. We have partnerships with commercial woodlands in the UK - so all products are sustainable and produced with low emissions.


If it is not something in our current woodland selection - we have connections to be able to source and deliver this to you. 

A selection of the Film & Television Commercials we have supplied our wood / forest products to:

  • Film (2021) - Wooden war spikes - see below pics
  • Documentary - Native American Tipi Set - 2021
  • Aladdin (2019 live action remake) - Walt Disney - provided the natural wooden poles for the market scenes - bark removed.
  • o2 Advert (2013) - wooden raft build
  • Gladiator (2000) - supplied all of the wooden stakes in the film
  • First Knight (1995) 

Some of our most popular rustic timber / wood products for scenery & set build;

  • Rustic round poles with bark on
  • Peeled round poles / partially peeled / machine peeled / hand peeled
  • Tree trunks / Tree stumps / Logs - different shapes and sizes
  • Forest set dressing - dead wood / wood with moss on / moss / pine cones / forest floor / bark peelings
  • Tree spikes / Sharpened tree trunks (medieval / war traps / wooden war spikes) / Pointed wooden poles
  • Native American Tipi / Teepee (1m - 7m poles) poles only
  • Long thin poles / poles for rafters / set building (ancient buildings / market scenery) 
  • Giant Tipi / Naked Tipi (8.2m poles)
  • Straight poles / curvy irregular natural wooden poles
  • Rustic timber cladding

Get in touch for a quote! Or if you are not really sure what you need please do give us a call and we can discuss what you are looking for. 

Please contact Oliver Barnsley to discuss your needs. 

Tel: 07920 056200 


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