Demand for tipi poles continues to grow. It seems more and more people are choosing to host outdoor events from the versatile and atmospheric tipis. Orders have increased steadily since last year and WoodPoint is proud to be offering  a strong, slow grown British pole that matches imported Scaninavian poles in strength, form and finish. Their natural shape is stronger than machine round poles and of course their road miles are a fraction of the competition!

A day in the stormy woods

Oliver remembers the great storms of October 1987 and February 1990. He says “ I was working in the forest in the second one in 1990. You know how it is.. you look at it in the morning beore you set off and think it might die down; better at least try. I arrived and it had not got worse so I went all through the normal routines of fuelling up the chainsaw and sharpening. Quick brew and a sandwich and off into the young plantation. I was not really worried because the trees were so small, say 11m tall and only about 100mm diameter. Got my head down and worked for about half an hour producing the usual 40 stakes per hour. Then I looked up and started noticing that all the trees were moving together. They were swaying and pirouetting about like mad. It was like waves going through a field of wheat. I stopped and watched for another 5 minutes trying to decide whether to carry on. Then I saw a massive gust coming through the woods; the wave approaching. Suddenly the whole lot in front of me bent double like paper clips with the tips right over and pointing down! Time to go. Back to the van and  by the time I chucked the gear in I was glad to get going. Just as I was driving up to the gate out of the forest there was a massive bang; sounded like an explosion. I looked out and saw half of an 25m tall 80 year old Corsican Pine sailing through the sky still upright. It must have been at least ten tonnes of wood just floating past the van about 40m away…..  Foot down and out of there! Ten hours later I made it the 30 miles to home after many road clearances with the chainsaw on the way. Not a day I will forget!’

Poles for everything!


  • Scout Pioneering poles
  • Film set poles
  • Rustic pole
  • Tipi poles
  • Pergola poles
  • Shop decoration poles
  • Jump poles

Pine regeneration after manual thinning

7.5 metre Tipi poles
Micro ArbTruck coping with rough ground

Hand carved stepping stones in Chestnut

A load of mixed size rustic poles ready for delivery
8.2m & 3.5m Tipi poles
7.5m Tipi poles sets on the road
Peeled & sanded pioneering poles heading for the Scouts
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