WoodPoint Products & Services

WoodPoint Products & Services


WoodPoint has a range of services and prices to meet the needs of Merchants, Contractors and Retail customers.


Small round wood products in Chestnut or softwood:


  • rustic poles
  • tipi poles
  • pioneering poles
  • pergola & garden poles
  • film and stage set supplies


Roundwood and cleft roundwood bollards, fencing  









Poles for everything!


  • Scout Pioneering poles
  • Rustic pole
  • Tipi poles
  • Pergola poles
  • Shop decoration poles
  • Jump poles









Pine poles with bark on

40-50mm Pine poles with bark on

Pine regeneration after manual thinning

7.5 metre Tipi poles
Micro ArbTruck coping with rough ground

Hand carved stepping stones in Chestnut

A load of mixed size rustic poles ready for delivery
8.2m & 3.5m Tipi poles
7.5m Tipi poles sets on the road
Peeled & sanded pioneering poles heading for the Scouts
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