Custom Orders

If you are looking for rustic poles or that natural wooden look for your next project, please do get in touch. As we are a forestry business as well as processing the poles themselves, we can be relatively flexible in our approach to your project - talking you through the size, lengths, diameters and types of wood that might be available for your project. Previously we have been involved in supplying wooden poles for a wide variety of large-scale projects including historical round houses that require a variety of different timbers, large pergola structures or shelters, landscaping, play and many more. 


We can also advise you on the processes we have available to achieve the look and use you have in your mind. From freshly cut "green wood" with bark on all the way to hand peeled, sanded and treated poles, they all require different techniques as well as producing different results and properties for your finished product. 


We also have contacts within the field, and if we can't cut the right wood for you, we may have a contact that can, so do get in touch to find out more. 

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